Excitement in every detail.

Metz Calea

16:9 UHD TV

For picture-perfect TV moments.

Exciting screen technology: the Metz Calea comes equipped with an Ultra High Definition panel and 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution that promises a remarkably sharp television experience. Newly developed especially for the leading quality standards of Metz TVs, the panel technology with direct LEDs guarantees a visibly better picture and improved performance. 400 MetzVision picture technology provides rich details and contrast. Local area dimming increases contrast and guarantees improved energy efficiency.

The beautifully shaped, rotating glass and metal table stand complements the Calea’s distinctive look and gives it a stable base.
The elegant, graphite-grey acoustic fleece emphasises the subtle design and lends the Calea a noble aesthetic.
Metz’s clear remote control is matched by the clearly arranged menu.
The MetzRemote app can turn a smartphone or tablet into a convenient control centre for your television.

Direct LED with local area dimming for impressive picture quality.

The Calea pro is equipped with optimised panel technology that has been specially tailored to the requirements of Metz televisions. It comes with direct LED panels paired with local area dimming. Unlike edge LED panels, the light-emitting diodes in this variant are distributed across the entire surface directly behind the LCD panel. This ensures that the illumination is perfectly even and guarantees the highest brightness values. Local area dimming further increases the contrasts and ensures improved energy efficiency.