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Metz Classic

Zirndorf, 26.07.2022

Product sustainability is once again taking on an increasingly important role. The resources we use should be as durable and environmentally friendly as possible. In addition, the manufacturing process and the logistics associated with it in the course of a product’s life also play an important role. For our premium brand Metz Classic, we have devised a number of concepts that already allow us to deliver sustainability today – something we are continuously improving.

Made in Germany at its core
Our sustainability strategy is built on premium quality made in Germany: As one of the most traditional German consumer electronics brands, Metz built its success on exceptionally high product quality more than 80 years ago. Therefore, thinking sustainably and designing our products with this in mind is not just a short-term trend for us, but has always been a key part of our identity and our brand promise.

We develop and manufacture our televisions in Germany – in the Franconian town of Zirndorf. The region provides us with the ideal conditions to put our sustainable philosophy into practice. We also develop the device software on site – in close proximity to our customers in order to meet their specific televi-sion needs. 

“Thanks to our high quality standards, Metz TVs are repeatedly awarded for their high manufacturing quality and durability. We rely on exceptionally powerful hardware, not only for the power supply units and sound systems, but also for our underlying TV platform, which allows us to keep Metz televi-sions up to date with the latest features and security updates for many years through regular software maintenance and updates,” explains Metz Manag-ing Director Dr Norbert Kotzbauer.

Saving resources  
Metz TVs combine several devices in one, thus saving valuable resources. integrated double triple-tuners mean television can be watched without an external receiver. Timeshift, recording capabilities and media libraries are also integral to our TVs. Specially developed sound technologies and power-ful speakers ensure impressive sound – delivering high-quality audio without the need for external sound systems.  

“Integrating a wide variety of receiver components, digital recorders and soundbar saves on a number of peripheral devices. This results in a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, not to mention the reduced electricity consumption,” explains Dr Kotzbauer. “It also lowers pri-mary energy requirements, as additional unit housings, power supply units and various plastic components can be dispensed with – to name just one example.” 

Every year, more than 20 kilograms of electronic waste are produced per person in Germany – we are doing something about this by relying upon the high-quality processing of durable materials: Sturdy, rotating glass and metal table stands ensure a solid base. A durable, finely crafted remote control delivers long-lasting ease of use. 

“Our devices’ repairability also clearly sets us apart from the mainstream CE industry. The staff at our service and repair centre in Zirndorf not only replace complete units or fully assembled modules and boards, but also repair at a component level as required. The same sustainability philosophy applies with regard to spare parts – in most cases, we keep them in stock for far longer than the legally prescribed period. Here at Metz, it’s perfectly normal for us to be able to repair a TV model bought seven years ago, and still offer the relevant parts.”

Service straight from the source 
The high-quality advice and service provided by specialist retailers is also a key sustainability argument for Metz: “Not only is this a boost for local retail-ers, but our current service concept with trained specialist repair dealers also cuts down on long journeys and logistical resources when a service is re-quired. The product then only has to make the journey to the local specialist dealer, where it can be checked and, if necessary, repaired without having to travel any further”. 

Guiding principles for a sustainable future
For Metz, continuing to develop the brand so that it thinks, feels, acts and operates even more sustainably is not a process that can be completed all at once. Dr Kotzbauer: “At Metz, we see the idea of sustainability as an integral part of our corporate culture – so it already plays a part in every decision we make.”  

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