In future, Metz Classic will support all HDR processes

Brilliant colours and impressive contrast for the perfect TV experience

Zirndorf, 19.03.2021

Metz Classic TVs have long stood for unique quality and a special TV watching experience. To achieve this, the long-established brand is focusing upon a combination of high-quality displays and specially developed image technol-ogy. By means of a software update at the end of March, Metz offers the com-plete integration of all HDR standards in the range’s premium models: This makes Metz one of very few manufacturers on the market to support all avail-able HDR processes.   

Previously, Metz TV models supported HDR10 and HLG, the two most im-portant static HDR standards. With the latest Chassis 618, the German manu-facturer is expanding the HDR functionality of its top models to encompass all HDR formats, including those that use dynamic metadata: DolbyVision™, HDR10+ and Technicolor HDR.

For example, the Topas 48 TY91 OLED twin R and Alegra 49/43 TY87 UHD twin R come with Dolby Vision™ as standard. Dolby Vision™, HDR10+ and Techni-color HDR will be added to further UHD models via a software update at the end of March. You can find the details in the table below.

      Dolby Vision HDR10+ HDR10 HLG Technicolor
Topas 65/55 TY91 OLED twin R X* X* X X X
Topas 48 TY91 OLED twin R X X* X X X
Alegra 49/43 TY87 UHD twin R X X* X X X
Alegra 49/43 TY86 UHD twin R X* X* X X X
Fineo 55 TY82 OLED twin R X* X* X X X
Fineo 49/43 TY83 UHD twin R O X* X X X
Fineo 49/43 TY82 UHD twin R O X* X X X
Calea 49/43 TY64 UHD twin O O X X O
Cosmo 32 TZ38 O O O O O
*Via software update at the end of March (with Dolby Vision only for devices from serial no. 300.000 onwards)

Dolby Vision™
Developed by Dolby Laboratories, this format is reputed to be the most ad-vanced HDR system on the market. Because the picture data and television are continuously adjusted, the maximum 12-bit colour depth and additional dy-namic metadata provide the perfect presentation of compatible video content. This basically means that contrast values and colour saturation change from scene to scene, resulting in a brilliant film experience. This variant uses BT.2020 colour space for recording and playback. Dolby Vision™ is already supported by numerous streaming services and Ultra HD Blu Rays.


HDR10+HDR10+ augments the HDR10 standard by means of dynamic metadata. Dy-namic HDR10+™ metadata adjusts the tone mapping curve scene by scene, enabling the best possible visual representation for each scene. This technol-ogy also works in the BT.2020 colour space. Again, this standard is already supported by streaming services and Ultra HD Blu Ray from various film pro-duction companies.


Technicolor HDRTechnicolor covers an entire range of technical solutions: it provides a broad-cast-optimised HDR process similar to HLG, but with more comprehensive technical options. Furthermore, Technicolor HDR offers an HDR format that includes dynamic metadata. Technicolor also offers proprietary technology for high-quality SDR to HDR conversion: Advanced HDR. By implementing this versatile standard, Metz emphasises its traditional approach of developing sustainable, future-proof products.


Software update at the end of March 2021 for even more TV quality “Made in Germany”
When the software update at the end of March, all customers with the above-named series of models will have access to the range of HDR processes. This also applies to models that are already on the market – once again demon-strating Metz’s customer-friendly, sustainability-oriented product policy.

Together with MetzVision image technology, this strong foundation of state-of-the-art HDR processes allows for excellent image quality with the highest lev-els of sharpness, colour and contrast.

As one of the only remaining European consumer electronic suppliers on the market, Metz continues to develop and produce in Germany and, with decades of experience in the development of high-quality televisions, offers the most advanced TV-quality “Made in Germany”.

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