Fascination meets character.

Metz Aurus

16:9 UHD TV

Viewing pleasure – exemplary and different.

TV quality made in Germany meets sophisticated technology: the Aurus OLED TV is equipped with the unmistakeable Metz Twin Tuner concept and is more than a match for the most demanding of TV requirements. UHD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) ensures hyper-realistic detail. The combination of sophisticated MetzVision image technology and 33 million OLED subpixels that can all be controlled individually brings pictures to life in a magnificent manner. Whether it’s films, series or sport – the most modern HDR standards such as Dolby Vision elevate the viewing experience to a never before seen level, and provide impressive contrasts and brilliantly vibrant colours.

Concealed behind fine mesh: front-facing speakers in tried and tested two-way construction in a bass reflex enclosure ensure impressive sound.
The slim OLED panel creates an unobtrusive and graceful design.
With the MetzRemote app can be controlled conveniently using a smartphone or a tablet.
Metz’s clear remote control is matched by the clearly arranged menu.

Display technology OLED

OLED panel technology delivers unprecedented image quality: there are 33 million subpixels in OLED screens, each of which can be individually controlled. To display real black, dark image areas can be turned off with pixel-precise accuracy. This enables previously unachievable levels of black, which also means particularly high-contrast images with lifelike colours. A 10-bit colour depth with significantly finer gradation ensures seamless transitions and bright, natural colour rendering – from every viewing angle and with evenly balanced illumination. The self-illuminating pixels enable an ultra-fast reaction time: the screen reacts more quickly and more fluidly than ever before. Breathtakingly sharp thanks to UHD resolution, with HDR and 10-bit colour depth. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of OLED.