Company history: Tradition and quality for 85 years.

1938: Company foundation by Paul Metz

It is without a doubt that our company would not exist today were it not for the young engineer Paul Metz – a far-sighted and entrepreneurial individual who was bursting with ideas. It was him who, on 28 November 1938, laid the foundations for a corporate success story “Made in Germany”.


Production start radios.

The first Metz radio, which was brought to the market in 1947, proved to be a real milestone and eye-catcher in terms of design. Its outstanding sound quality, on which Paul Metz placed great value from the very beginning, was a special feature of the Postillion.



Manufacture of flash units begins.

Metz laid the foundations for a second branch of the company: the production of high-quality flash units, also on behalf of Agfa and Carl-Braun. Nomen est omen and for this reason the sophisticated flash units were baptised mecablitz – an abbreviation of Metz Camera Blitz (Metz camera flash).



Production start of monochrome TV.

Back in 1954, the World Cup could be followed on prototypes of the Metz 702. A year later the Metz 702 became the first, revolutionary Metz television to be mass-produced and substantiated the excellent reputation of the company within its various lines of business.



Third division of Metz was founded.

As in October 1956 a disastrous fire destroyed the sound equipment storage unit factory in Fürth, Paul Metz seized the opportunity to lay the foundations for the company’s existing premises in Zirndorf. In 1957 also the third division of new sound equipment storage unit factory was established in Zirndorf.


1967: Manufacture of colour TVs begins.

In 1965, Metz presented the Mallorca family of television sets at the IFA Berlin, which were eventually developed into colour television sets in 1967. A day to remember in the history of the Mallorca was the appearance of Vice Chancellor Willy Brandt at the IFA in Berlin: on 25 August 1967, in what was a symbolic act, he activated the famous “colour button” and in doing so launched colour television.

1969: Inclusion of plastic in manufacturing.

Metz established its third business division: plastic manufacturing. After the production of wooden housing for radios and televisions had begun as early as 1957 at the sound equipment storage unit factory. From 1969 onwards Metz also began manufacturing its own high-quality plastic housing for televisions at the Zirndorf site.


Start using our own 100 hertz technology.

Those in the industry were highly impressed when Metz developed its own 100 Hz technology which greatly improved picture quality.



Founder Paul Metz dies. His wife takes over.

Paul Metz died in 1993 at the age of 82. His wife Helene Metz took over as head of the company and carried on her husband’s vision.



Start of Metz’s module concept in TV sector.

The televisions could be upgraded and retrofitted using a unified slot system for all modes of reception – whether it be satellite, cable, terrestrial, analogue or digital.



Paul and Helene Metz Foundation is established.

Helene Metz founded the Paul and Helene Metz Foundation in 1997, which had already been conceived by her husband.



Start of Metz’s digital module concept with upgradeability for future technologies.




Our own design of “made in Germany” LCD-TV sets are introduced for the first time.




LCD TV range with HDTV reception, globally unique retrofitting.






Wide range of LCD TVs with high definition 42” full HD panels, 100 Hz DMC technology and integrated hard disk recorder.




Expansion of the LCD TV range with the addition of a 55” LCD, all Metz LCDs are equipped with 100 Hz or 200 Hz DMC and full HD technology.


Mrs. Metz is retiring from management, but remains in contact with the management. In 2022 she passed away at the advanced age of 98.



Metz presents the smart linking solution ‘Metz Media System’, the LCD TV range is being extended through the addition of two 3D-compatible product families.

2012: Metz presents its convenient remote App.

In 2012 – in order to keep up-to-date with the times of Internet, apps and tablets – Metz also introduced at IFA the mecaControl control app to operate Metz televisions via smartphones and tablets.

2013: 75th company anniversary.

Metz celebrates its 75th company anniversary at IFA. Metz, one of the German electronic industry’s longest established companies, has asserted its position in the market successfully and independently for over 75 years. An amazing success story during a period when numerous well-known manufacturers had to concede to difficult market conditions and suspend business activity.


Metz expands its sales and product range in the TV segment, launching 5 frameless TV models and completely overhauling the Metz TV operating system.



The company’s activities in TV, illumination and plastics technology are separated into different business units. The TV division is taken over by the investor Skyworth and is continued under the name Metz Consumer Electronics GmbH.



Market launch of the first Metz OLED television in Germany: the Metz Novum OLED twin R. 



As a German company with a strong sense of tradition, we are celebrating our 80th anniversary with the launch of a new international brand called “METZ blue”. This brand targets a wider market segment and is intended to have a global footprint in the long term.