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With a Metz television you’ll always be up to date. That’s because we are already thinking about the future today: our first-class televisions offer the most advanced technology to optimally equip you for the future – especially when it comes to the integration of television and the Internet. To guarantee our exceptional quality and continuously introduce new innovations, we develop and manufacture televisions in Germany.

With Metz, perfect sound sounds perfect.

A first-class picture calls for first-class sound.

Metz Sound

When picture and sound are in perfect harmony, television becomes a unique experience. That’s why Metz places the highest emphasis on excellent sound quality. Signal technology developed in-house and high-performance sound systems ensure a listening experience that does justice even to a recording of a classical concert. You’ll be amazed at the unique sound of your Metz television.


the Metz Sound crystal clear and powerful

Metz TVs bring together that which belongs together: only a harmonious symbiosis can make picture and sound a unique total experience. This is why Metz TVs use sophisticated sound technology to bring their brilliant pictures to life – and do so without additional loudspeakers or soundbars.
Ingenious features such as the “speech intelligibility” option offer users individual setup possibilities. Intelligent control combined with excellent loudspeakers provide the best sound – particularly when it comes to the spoken word, which often struggles to be heard over the film music, sound effects and ambient noise.

MetzSoundPlus – impressive sound quality

The new digital signal technology MetzSoundPlus optimises the audio signal for an ultra-clear and nuance-rich, full sound developed by Metz. High-performance speakers deliver superb sound. Thanks to the parametric equaliser, the speakers can be optimally aligned to the internal amplifier – ensuring brilliant treble and bass reproduction.

MetzSoundPro – a unique sound experience

With MetzSoundPro, Metz opens up a new dimension in sound quality. The high-performance integrated sound system, with its 4 speakers and up to 6 audio output stages per device, delivers impressively rich and clean sound.
The result: a unique audio experience that will fully delight even the more demanding listener. Large speaker housings significantly enhance the bass reproduction. The Topas OLED’s additional subwoofer brings even greater depth of sound into your living room. What’s more, MetzSoundPro also provides exceptionally authentic playback. Even at high volumes, delicate nuances can be heard clearly and naturally. Such exceptional sound quality is also achieved by Metz-developed sound processing technology, which controls the sound to perfection, ensuring that treble and bass are equally flawless. With the MetzSurround setting, film fans can even enjoy sound effects that fill the room without additional speakers. With top notch enjoyment – for the ears too.

The best television experience you'll ever have: OLED

Display technology OLED

OLED panel technology delivers unprecedented image quality: there are 33 million subpixels in OLED screens, each of which can be individually controlled. To display real black, dark image areas can be turned off with pixel-precise accuracy. This enables previously unachievable levels of black, which also means particularly high-contrast images with lifelike colours. A 10-bit colour depth with significantly finer gradation ensures seamless transitions and bright, natural colour rendering – from every viewing angle and with evenly balanced illumination. The self-illuminating pixels enable an ultra-fast reaction time: the screen reacts more quickly and more fluidly than ever before. Breathtakingly sharp thanks to UHD resolution, with HDR and 10-bit colour depth. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of OLED.

Find the right picture technology for you.

UHD – unique image sharpness

With a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, Ultra High Definition means unique picture sharpness: UHD screens offer four times the resolution of full HD. This total of around 8 million pixels thus provides a considerably more detailed, sharper picture. Even very large sized televisions can be viewed from close distances without loss of quality. UHD reception via DVB-S2 (satellite) is already integrated thanks to state-of-the-art chip sets. UHD video content can also be played via USB and network connections. For all those who wish to experience the future of television – today.

Full HD – detailed television

The Full HD standard is still the ultimate choice for smaller screen sizes and normal viewing distances. Most highdefinition television broadcasts are today aired in HD (720p) or Full HD (1080p) and are thus ideal for a Full HD resolution of 1920x1080 with approx. 2 million pixels. Our high-quality Full HD 32" models meet the high standards of today and tomorrow when it comes to picture quality, and are also capable of receiving UHD signals via DVB-S2 (satellite).

Experience first-class television.

Exceptional quality

Metz – Made in Germany: For decades, this seal of quality has stood for first-class televisions that combine cuttingedge technology with exceptional quality. Metz is the perfect choice for discerning customers looking for an exceptional viewing experience. And we are dedicated to making sure it stays that way.


First-class service

Metz televisions are available exclusively from authorised dealers, and there is a good reason for this: we want our customers to benefit from expert advice and top-quality service. After all, all you should have to do with your television is enjoy it.


Technical perfection

Breathtakingly clear pictures, brilliant immersive sound: Metz televisions stand for technical perfection. To achieve this we use technologies that are both state-of-the-art and reliable. To ensure we live up to our high technical standards at all times, we develop and manufacture televisions in Germany.


Ready for the future

Our televisions offer modern technology that will optimally equip you for the future. Updates conveniently provide additional functions and security upgrades as time goes on. Thanks to clever integration of external solutions for VoD services, Metz Classic TVs stand for future-proof technology and, thanks to an extensive integrated streaming service, are second to none. Long-term stockage of spare parts and our own repair service mean we save on additional resources. 



As simple as possible: thanks to the innovative Tri-Star operating system, Metz televisions can be operated with ease via the remote control. Menu navigation is self-explanatory and the range of functions can be extended or reduced, as the user wishes. Using a Home button, all functions can even be reached from one central point.