Experience operation and technology effortlessly.


Experience operation and technology effortlessly.

With Metz, the versatile possibilities of modern television are child’s play. We have integrated an easy-to-use operation guide in our first-class televisions. The Tri-Star operating system, awarded for its exceptional user-friendliness, is self-explanatory – and it can be adjusted to suit your own personal wishes. Practical functions, such as the electronic program guide, ensure care-free viewing pleasure for the whole family.

Metz control menu. Intuitive and user-friendly.

Metz’s clear remote control functions are matched by the clearly arranged menu. Despite the many options available to the viewer, a Metz television never confuses: in the clearly-structured function overview, you can effortlessly find all functions and settings. The self-explanatory and logicallyarranged menu with large print is highly legible and user-friendly. The operating steps are always easy to understand, and you will always find functions and settings where you would expect. In addition to the familiar “standard” colour scheme, we now also offer a “dark” option. This night mode makes content easy to read even in dark rooms. Metz is synonymous with TVs that are a pleasure to use every day.



Easy-to-use remote control.

Switch on, sit back and enjoy: That’s the way television should be. And that is why we have designed Metz televisions to be completely self-explanatory. If anything isn’t quite clear, the integrated operation guide in the menu display (blue button) will help you. It provides short and concise descriptions of the functions selected. With Metz, poring over the manual for hours on end is a thing of the past – thanks to the award-winning Tri-Star operating system.


Tri-Star operating system. As simple as you want it to be.

Metz makes watching TV even easier. With the easy-to-use Tri-Star operating system, you decide for yourself which operating options you would like to use – on three different levels. You can limit the range of options to the bare minimum, i.e. for speed and simplicity of operation, or you can opt for greater depth of detail: for example, you can assign custom settings, such as colour, volume, or image clarity to each individual TV channel and any external signal source.

HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control)

This intelligent control function sends commands from your Metz TV remote control to relevant external devices via HDMI cable. HDMI-CEC enables you to conveniently operate compatible external devices (e.g. streaming stick, blue-ray/DVD player) using your Metz TV remote control.

Programmable function assignment.

Too many buttons on the remote control? And yet the really important ones aren’t there? Not with Metz. Thanks to the individually configurable function button, your Metz television adapts perfectly to your needs. Frequently-used menu functions, channels, AV sources and much more can be stored on one of the 30 available places and can be accessed quickly and easily on demand. This unique operating system is unrivalled in its level of customisation and allows quick access to the functions, channels and information that are really important to you. Here, we are redefining user-friendliness, thanks to the freely configurable function button.*

* Remote control type is dependent on model.
RM18 - 1 F button / RM19 - 3 F buttons


Electronic program guid.

The program overview can be displayed in three different ways: in the order on your channel list, for each channel separately or sorted by the start time of each program. You’ll therefore always have an overview of what’s on. Particularly convenient: by simply “clicking” on a program, you can record this on the hard disk recorder or set a reminder for the start of the program.


Top teletext. Find what you are looking for faster.

Straightforward Metz teletext system, you can choose between specific topics and quickly locate the corresponding information – in the same brilliant picture quality you expect from Metz. With the extensive page memory, which holds up to 2,000 pages, you can even access sub-pages in no time at all – without annoying wait times. The innovative split-screen function is particularly convenient. Here you can read the channel’s teletext while continuing to watch the current program on the other half of the screen. The teletext on Metz televisions can also be searched using any term you like.


Experience first-class television.

Exceptional quality

Metz – Made in Germany: For decades, this seal of quality has stood for first-class televisions that combine cuttingedge technology with exceptional quality. Metz is the perfect choice for discerning customers looking for an exceptional viewing experience. And we are dedicated to making sure it stays that way.


First-class service

Metz televisions are available exclusively from authorised dealers, and there is a good reason for this: we want our customers to benefit from expert advice and top-quality service. After all, all you should have to do with your television is enjoy it.


Technical perfection

Breathtakingly clear pictures, brilliant immersive sound: Metz televisions stand for technical perfection. To achieve this we use technologies that are both state-of-the-art and reliable. To ensure we live up to our high technical standards at all times, we develop and manufacture televisions in Germany.


Ready for the future

Our televisions offer modern technology that will optimally equip you for the future. Updates conveniently provide additional functions and security upgrades as time goes on. Thanks to clever integration of external solutions for VoD services, Metz Classic TVs stand for future-proof technology and, thanks to an extensive integrated streaming service, are second to none. Long-term stockage of spare parts and our own repair service mean we save on additional resources. 


As simple as possible: thanks to the innovative Tri-Star operating system, Metz televisions can be operated with ease via the remote control. Menu navigation is self-explanatory and the range of functions can be extended or reduced, as the user wishes. Using a Home button, all functions can even be reached from one central point.