Simply superior television. With a Metz.

Technical perfection

Superior television. A unique experience.

A Metz television provides viewing pleasure to meet thehighest standards. Whether you’re watching a feature film, sports program or documentary: our high-quality televisions are a treat for your eyes and ears thanks to the breathtakingly clear pictures and brilliant immersive sound. Cutting-edge technology with extreme reliability brings a unique cinema experience to your living room. You can enjoy every second of your favourite program in perfect picture and sound quality.

MetzVision – smooth motion

Decades of experience in developing high-quality TVs meets state-of-the-art chip technology. Only the best, fastest processors operate in each TV set. Together with our MetzVision image technology, this strong foundation allows for excellent image quality, with the highest levels of sharpness, colour and contrast. And the optimised panels mean a tremendously broad range of viewing angles is possible. MetzVision also optimises image processing for the perfect display of quick movements; dynamic motion compensation (DMC) and image clarity optimisation guarantee the sharp, smooth rendering of motion.

UHD - unique image sharpness

With a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, Ultra High Definition means unique picture sharpness: UHD screens offer four times the resolution of full HD. This total of around 8 million pixels thus provides a considerably more detailed, sharper picture. Even very large sized televisions can be viewed from close distances without loss of quality. UHD reception via DVB-S2 (satellite) is already integrated thanks to state-of-the-art chip sets. UHD video content can also be played via USB and network connections. For all those who wish to experience the future of television – today.

HDR – intense, vivid images

Making television breathtakingly beautiful: HDR! HDR stands for “high dynamic range” and provides pictures with a revolutionarily high dynamic range with more brightness gradations than the previous standard. This means much more detail is visible in particularly light or dark areas, and the fineness of the gradations between them is significantly optimised. Greatly improved contrast ratio and finer gradients in colour depth visibly optimise colour reproduction: this is known as “10-bit colour depth”. Film scenes appear more natural, more vivid and more real than ever.

> More about "Fascination HDR"

Direct LED – optimised panel technology

Metz TVs feature specially designed and developed premium direct LED panels. Local dimming technology the separate dimming of the backlighting for individual panel segments. This ensures that the optimal brightness values can be set for each segment so that dark scenes and brilliant colours can be displayed realistically and naturally.

Timeshift function. Be your own director!

Fetch a drink, answer the phone or watch that last goal one more time. With the timeshift function, you can pause live digital TV at any time, watch the previous scene again or even view TV “in parallel”. You dictate the viewing schedule!

Play it

You decide how to watch your TV programmes. Your Metz makes you independent of the program schedule: once you‘ve stopped or rewound a program, it only continues when you want it to. All it takes is a touch of the button on your remote control, and you’re back at the heart of the action.

Pause it

You’re watching your favourite TV program – and the phone rings. Simply press the pause button. The timeshift function automatically records the current program for you. You can take your time on the phone before picking up where you left off. If you want to finish watching the program later, simply transfer it to the permanent recording memory (hard disk recorder).

Rewind it

Want to laugh one more time at that hilarious film scene or relive that fantastic goal? Just rewind! With your Metz television you can replay any scene as often as you like while the program is still running – without missing anything. After the replay the program resumes exactly where you stopped it before.

USB recording

With the USB recording function you can record TV programs onto an external USB storage medium and play them back whenever you like. Programming is done via the integrated electronic program guide (EPG). Devices without an integrated hard disk recorder (PVR) must be activated.

Hard disk recorder

With the Metz digital recorder (PVR) you can be your own programme director – and operating it is child’s play. You need never miss your favourite shows again. The timeshift function enables you to pause and resume live TV whenever you feel like it and as often as you wish. The combination of twin recording function and integrated PVR, which is unique on the television market, also allows you to record up to two programmes while watching another on a different channel.*

* Limited channel availability while recording is in progress. Only on one transponder and only if there are no CI-encryption restrictions.

Experience first-class television.

Exceptional quality

Metz – Made in Germany: For decades, this seal of quality has stood for first-class televisions that combine cuttingedge technology with exceptional quality. Metz is the perfect choice for discerning customers looking for an exceptional viewing experience. And we are dedicated to making sure it stays that way.


First-class service

Metz televisions are available exclusively from authorised dealers, and there is a good reason for this: we want our customers to benefit from expert advice and top-quality service. After all, all you should have to do with your television is enjoy it.


Technical perfection

Breathtakingly clear pictures, brilliant immersive sound: Metz televisions stand for technical perfection. To achieve this we use technologies that are both stateof- the-art and reliable. To ensure we live up to our high technical standards at all times, we develop and manufacture televisions in Germany.


Ready for the future

Our televisions offer modern technology that will optimally equip you for the future. Updates conveniently provide additional functions and security upgrades as time goes on. Thanks to clever integration of external solutions for VoD services, Metz Classic TVs stand for future-proof technology and, thanks to an extensive integrated streaming service, are second to none. Long-term stockage of spare parts and our own repair service mean we save on additional resources. 



As simple as possible: thanks to the innovative Tri-Star operating system, Metz televisions can be operated with ease via the remote control. Menu navigation is self-explanatory and therange of functions can be extended orreduced, as the user wishes. Using a Home button, all functions can even bereached from one central point.