HDR – more intense, vivid images

Overview of the current TV models

Previously, Metz TV models supported HDR10 and HLG, the two most important static HDR standards. With the latest Chassis 618, we are expanding the HDR functionality of our top models to encompass all HDR formats, including the HDR standards that use dynamic metadata: DolbyVision™, HDR10+ and Technicolor HDR. 

For example, the Topas 48 TY91 OLED twin R and Alegra 49/43 TY87 UHD twin R come with Dolby Vision™ as standard. Dolby Vision™, HDR10+ and Technicolor HDR will be added to further models via software update at the end of March.


You can find the details in the table below: 

Dolby VisionHDR10+HDR10HLGTechnicolor
Topas65/55TY91 OLED twin RX*X*XXX
Topas48TY91 OLED twin RXX*XXX
Alegra49/43TY87 UHD twin RXX*XXX
Alegra49/43TY86 UHD twin RX*X*XXX
Fineo55TY82 OLED twin RX*X*XXX
Fineo49/43TY83 UHD twin ROX*XXX
Fineo49/43TY82 UHD twin ROX*XXX
Calea49/43TY64 UHD twinOOXXO
* via SW update at the end of March (with Dolby Vision only for devices from serial no.300,000)